by Lay'Han Su

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released May 10, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Lay'Han Su Oregon

The story of Lay'Han Su is told through "The Novo," the soul beyond.. or english translation - "The Soul Supernova." Su, and many like him travel through hyperspace searching for beings to revive dying stars.... old legend has it that he once visited Earth and fell in love with the people, music and dance which ultimately inspired his culture. ... more

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Track Name: Do You Want Me
You see me watch you
I see you watch me
You know I want you
But do you want me
Track Name: Someday I'll Take You
Someday I'll take you on a ride
One day I'll take you to the sky
Someday I'll take you on a ride
One day we'll leave this World behind

Someday I'll take you
Track Name: Save My Life
I'm sick of fighting
I know it's frightening
We're running out of time
To save my life

You have to trust me
My electricity
We'll have to strike soon
To save my life

oh oh oh
Watch me strike

I have to shock you
It just might hurt you
It is the only way
To save my life

You are the last one
You must ignite the sun
oh oh oh, to save my Life

You saved my life
You saved my life
You saved my life
You saved my life